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    Autumn Changes and Bewbs

    “Autrice, this blog looks like fall!”

    Why yes, yes it does. I’m in the mood for fall. I’m also in the mood to delve into a teensy bit of HMTL tinkering.

    Working with code is a mesmerizing thing. It almost seems as if I detach my mind from my body. I am completely unaware of ordinary aches and pains. I don’t notice the muscle spasms or palpitations. I am, in essence, free. Of course, Better Half does not seem to identify with that; we wage wars over “too much time online”.

    This fresh fall template is my way of telling the summer heat to piss off. We still have a bountiful crop of tomatoes on our vines. Squash is slowing spreading across the driveway asphalt as if it were an outrageous B-movie creature. Time marches on and I march with it. I am also saving time by having this done early.

    Autumn is my preferred time of year. I do become somewhat maudlin when I look out my window and observe all my gorgeous flowers wilting like a defrocked prom queen tiptoeing out of a cheap motel. Flowers be damned, bring on the crisp air. Let me see rosy-cheeked children dashing up the street. I long to hear the crunch of leaves under my feel. I also long for a nice scarf, perhaps ivory in color and as soft as a cloud. Matching gloves would be phenomenal. Is this too obvious a hint? Hello? Husband?

    An interesting note: there has always been something evocative or naughty worked into the background or banners of my blog since its inception. I have no idea why. I don’t even discern it until someone (a-hem BAAAA) points it out to me. Thus, I checked my email just now and found a note from the Ox and Spider. “Your banner,” he stated, “the pumpkins look like bewbs.”

    Bewbs? My banner? Certainly not. Two eyeballs and nose, yes. Headlights on a car, perhaps. Oh who am I kidding?! They DO look like perfectly round breasts. Good Lord. We will not discuss the pinecone. I am not going to change that banner either. I have been working on the blog for most of the afternoon and I am certain that Better Half will start up with, “You spend too much time online” any moment now. He does have a point.

    Thank you, Ox, for showing me where to get font for my banners!

    For Better Half


    Men's Gymnastics Commercial


    Friends of Retired Greyhounds - URGENT press release

    Friends of Retired Greyhounds Announces Woodlands Race Park in Kansas City is closing mid August. Hundreds of Greyhounds will be displaced.

    Hi everyone,

    Some of you may have heard that the Kansas City race track will be closing in mid August. Some of our Colorado dogs went there when Mile High Greyhound Park closed. What that means for us is unsure. Kansas has asked for help from all the surrounding states. The total number of dogs needing to be placed is unclear at this point, but we have heard that it is in the hundreds. I do know that it is quite a bit more than our 180 or so dogs that Colorado had.

    What I am trying to find out is when we are asked to take dogs, who is willing to foster for us. Our prison program is at it's max right now. We currently have about 20 dogs down there.

    If you do decide to foster a dog, it will not be able to go down to the prison unless there is an opening. So, you may have the dog longer than 2 to 3 weeks. We will try to keep the prison at full capacity.

    Please let me know as soon as possible, so I can let Kansas know how many dogs we can take when they call. The dogs will arrive either at the end of August, or the first week in September.

    Thank you for all that you do for FORG! Without your help, we would not be able to get so many greyhounds to their forever home.

    Please, this is a desperate situation, and these dogs need your help! Without people like you, who knows what will happen! Please help us help these beautiful dogs!

    Thank you!

    Sandy Rosengrants
    FORG Foster Care Coordinator
    (303) 304-7645 or (970) 330-1166
    FOR GREYHOUNDS - Friends Of Retired Greyhounds

    About Friends of Retired Greyhounds
    Friends of Retired Greyhounds is a non-profit, 501c3, all volunteer run organization.

    Friends of Retired Greyhounds
    Rhonda Swetnam
    Vice President


    My own note:
    If you are willing to adopt a retired racer, space will become available in the foster homes. If you would like to become a foster family to a retired racer, your compassion and outreach will save a dog's life.

    Greyhounds make outstanding pets. They are mild and enjoy being "couch potatoes". They are tolerant of baths, nail trims and exams. They are universal blood donors. They are FABULOUS hospice and compassion animals, readily adaptable to a hospital or nursing home environment. They are greyt agility and lure coursing dogs. Most of all, they are love personified, loyal to you and grateful for your generosity. Having owned retired racers (our home will forever have at least one racer nestled on a blanket somewhere!) I can attest to the joys of ownership.

    Please, reach out and lend a hand today.

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