Sunday Scribblings 308: Modern

"Modern" is relative to the amount of time one exists on this earth. If you live long enough, you might notice that society simply recreates itself.

Meh. Sooner or later we'll come up with something totally new.


It's been almost two weeks since Dad passed away I won't go into details other than to say that we don't have more answers than we did before. It's been a freaking nightmare. The executor, Jeff's sister, hasn't done a damn thing other than evade everyone. Jeff had to post Dad's obituary in the paper today, and that we still don't know the location of Dad's remains. I'm left with the unmistakable feeling that she used Dad for every ounce of breath he had and that she felt it wasn't necessary to dispose of him as he wished once he was gone.

It will cost $1k to retain an attorney, but if Dad is to have any justice (to include having his ashes returned to a family member for proper interment), we need to figure out a way to take this to probate court. We want to know if Dad was taken care of as well as she claimed. A twenty minute consultation with the attorney (he has access to AZ public records) revealed a world of neglect and woe that shouldn't not have happened. We need to make sure that her actions don't cost him his military burial. Sadly, we don't have that money. We have nothing to go on except tears, anger, and sorrow.

One of Dad's co-workers left a lovely tribute for him on the online guestbook. He really was a remarkable man and so many people came to love him. He deserves much better than what his daughter has done to him.