Nutmeg Part III

Night shift with Nutmeg is over and I'm going to bed. Poor dog. Infected wound - antibiotics and hourly washing. She's also in season today and the Cone of Shame won't allow her to clean herself. My carpet looks horrid but that's okay. Good steam clean will make it like new. The greyhound is ticked off, however. I gave his queen-sized comforter to Nutmeg to keep her off my carpet.

This is Zephyr the Italian Greyhound. He doesn't care where anyone lies down unless they lie upon him!


Nutmeg Update

Update on Nutmeg. Her biopsy results are not good. Adenocarcinoma. We will know more on Wednesday.

Jeff and I are depressed but we'll do what we can to continue to make her life good while she is still with us. Please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't spread to her lungs or the rest of her body.

I'm taking today to recover from the shock. Email only, no calls please. Thanks.


Nutmeg Recovers

Nutmeg had surgery on Monday. She had a very large cluster of tumors on her belly that seemed to spring up overnight as well as a lump on the top of her rump. Both were removed and we are awaiting the results of the histopathological examination. We're hoping that everything turns up benign.

She was still fairly wobbly when we picked her up. Not to worry - she spent most of the evening on a blankie (Sammi the greyhound was ticked off. He doesn't like to share.) As you can see in the photo below, she was in touch with the Twilight Zone.

I won't post photographs of her belly but here is a look at the top. Nutmeg ignored the sutures until yesterday.

I had already spent several nights on nurse duty. I needed to catch some solid sleep. Nutmeg soon found herself in a cobbled-together set of PJs. She slipped out of these around 4 AM.

The next step was the Cone of Shame.

She can stick her long tongue out far enough to lick her underside. I'm miffed. I really need to get some solid sleep rather than spending every minute of my time shouting, "NUTMEG! STOP! NUTMEG! DAMN IT!"

The little dogs had fiercely taunted Nutmeg all this week. They had baths in retaliation.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!! I enjoyed going to Yummy's with you!

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