REVIEW: Triptych of Terror

It is with trembling pleasure that I give you (FINALLY) my review of Triptych of Terror, a horror anthology featuring the works of John Michael Curlovich, Michael Rowe, and David Thomas.

Michael Rowe's "In October" is by far the most enthralling of all three tales. It is delightfully disturbing and dark, with realistic main characters and a well-paced plot line in which readers find themselves drawn into Mikey Childress' world from the very first page. Michael Rowe is the Rembrandt of his genre, painting a mosaic of teenage angst amidst the backdrop of a small town insular high school populace subjugated by pitiless tormentors. His approach is both superbly erotic and chilling, and the ending unquestionably tugs at the heartstrings.

I graciously recommend this anthology. Rowe fans will not be disappointed.

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Triptych of Terror

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Anonymous said...

I, too, have read Michael Rowe's novella. His gift of storytelling and his passion for horror is what makes his writing so much fun to read.

Thanks for the great review!

Anonymous said...

I loved Michael's novella, myself. In fact, I was the one who invited him to do the collection. However, you cannot imagine that reviewing a single contribution is an entire book review, can you?

David Thomas Lord

TMTW said...
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TMTW said...

Dear Mr. Lord,

The review was horrid in that it did not speak of the other two novellas. I was focused on something entirely singular; due to my physical state at that time, I neglected to include my opinion concerning “Secrets” and “Holy Time”. I do feel rather badly about that. I enjoyed “Secrets” immensely, and your attention to lore caught my interest. You captured Tom’s phases and frame of mind superbly, lending believability to the tale. I especially found myself chuckling at the teenage Tom as he regarded the world around him from that youthful perspective.

I had hoped to return to Amazon and correct my oversight, but the damn web site will not allow me to do anything once a review has been submitting to them. I should really scrap the entire thing and rework it. (It was my first attempt at reviewing anything.)

I do need to add that I have been physically “down” for a few months. I am in terrible chronic pain due to a variety of ailments, and typing is very, very painful. That is hardly an excuse for the gaffe, however my neglecting of your work does not mean that I didn't enjopy it immensely. I was simply a twit while in my medicated state, and my apologies for not commenting on “Secrets” are sincere. It was rude of me. Looking back upon it – surely it is unintentionally insulting to you.

I look forward to reading more of your work, and have heard that your vampire novels are wonderful!


T. Wheeler

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Wheeler,

I can perfectly understand how Mr. Rowe's exceptional prose could make anyone so excited as to forget all else. Please do not feel badly about that. You were not rude; I am not insulted.

All my very best wishes for your health. I am one who understands how chronic pain can keep you away from the keyboard.