Sunday Scribbles #36 - In the last hour...

Today was the first opportunity that I have had to unravel the Tapestry of Weirdness. (Dear New Readers, that is my email in-box. Just about everything in life can be defined by enhanced terms. Generic is so 1990’s.)

I have become quite the haphazard email responder. (“Haphazard, Aut? Try hardly ever!”) Unfortunately, this creates two primary issues for me: people believe I do not want to hear from them - or - people feel the need to flood my in-box with the details of their every waking moment. I have spent the last hour sorting through the various messages, and I decided to treat you to some snippets.

(Yes, this is also a Sunday Scribbling. I am killing two birds with one stone.)

BibsySqueak finally completed her beautiful, queen-sized afghan, a project that has taken her countless hours. The cat, Varnish, gave his honest critique of it via prompt urination when her back was turned. Had my owner named me “varnish”, I would announce a life-long agenda for revenge as well.

PaulineUK is living for holiday break, where she can finally sleep in. This is excellent news, as I have been quite worried about her.

A friend of a friend of a friend wished to know if TFMM arrived safely at his destination this past Thursday. I have it on good record that a different friend (one who actually is a friend!) reports that he arrived and enjoyed playing in the snow. That (actual) friend has been too sick to bother to come online to report to all the “friends of friends”, and I really couldn’t be bothered to do so myself as it just smacks of gossip.

Speaking of that friend! He emailed to say that he was cold. He then emailed to say he couldn’t breathe. He followed that email with one asking of “blue lips” were a normal occurrence. I promptly contacted him back to give him a resolute “NO!” whereupon he emailed in reply that he was going to drive himself to the ER. He has not emailed back yet, which has me sincerely concerned.

The Cutesy Angel (Tee Hee) Chain Mail Fairy has stuck again. I have finally blocked her email. Please make a note of this: Autrice does not appreciate chain mail. Autrice reports it as spam to her server.

My father is on the mend. There is no lasting nerve damage to his hand, and his face is healing nicely. (Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.)

GGyrl’s turkey finally thawed. Do I think that it would be safe to eat after two weeks in the refrigerator? I have to answer “no” on that.

One hour. This is all that I have accomplished. Place another log on the fire, boys. It is going to be a long night!

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paris parfait said...

Very humorous take on the prompt! Those email excerpts (and your amusing commentary) are great.

Anonymous said...

As always, A, you provide humor in abundance. Glad to hear that your dad is on the mend.

Roadchick said...

Here's something that will take an hour: Tag, you're it.