Better Half, Cardio Caths, and Healing

For some of you, this will be an update; the rest of you, unfortunately, have not heard any of the news yet.

Better Half returned home from the Pittsburgh VAMC on Thursday afternoon after a nearly weeklong stay on the CCU floor, where he endured a chemical stress test (which he failed) and a cardio cath (which he passed with flying colours.)

My sweet man was put through a lot but is finally able to rest easy this weekend. We still can not ascertain what the origin of his persistent cough and accompanying chest pains is, but we can rest assured that it has nothing to do with his heart.

Better Half is an odd breed. Whilst some people might bitch and moan in hospitals, he tends to put on a brave front and (as he puts it) “combat gravity with levity.” The 3rd floor nursing team certainly enjoyed his good spirits, as did his doctors.

My week was a ball of wicked stress, not surprisingly. I spent most of it commuting or standing stoic vigil at his bedside. (The dogs suffered for it as they were locked up for nine-hour stretches.)

I am pleased to say that Better Half is doing well today. His cath was three days ago so some discomfort today was expected. He helped me putter about the yard (I mowed the grass and planted a willow tree.) We spent most of today outside simply enjoying the fine spring weather and the birds that frequent our numerous feeders. He must still take things at an easy pace (he has been napping repeatedly) and I am ready for a vacation myself!

My apologies to those dear Readers who did not receive much in the way of email from me.

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Roadchick said...

Glad to hear Better Half is back home again, safe & sound!!!

Annie Jeffries said...

So glad BH is home again and the dogs are loose (pun intended).

Hey Toni, FU graduation this weekend. Erin graduates with her Masters in Theology, goes home to Oregon, meets up with Quanah again in June and they get married in June in Oregon. Exciting times.