There is music on my blog. Amazing, that! I had music many moons ago but the link was lost during all the template modifications. (You can turn it down at the very bottom of the page, left side.)

There is a meditative feel to the song selection, which was chosen deliberately. Now ask me why! Go on. It would compel me to dream up a decent answer. I really don’t know why the music is what it is nor can I put my finger on what lured me to it. Perhaps my soul desires tranquility. Perhaps I am meant to give out tips in relation to achieving it? I can not say.

I have spent the night attempting to get comfortable. My joints have been on fire; relief was a bit elusive. I do not mind. I’m accustomed to it. I will nap a little later on today and then go to my appointment slightly groggy. I am mentally eager for bed (I have been ready since 10 last night.)

I researched Saint Philomena last night. Her medallion was part of a recent acquisition; I was interested in an old prayer book and rosary. Saint Philomena, as it turns out, is the patron saint of lost causes (such as myself) and of the ill. She is also the patron saint of the infertile. Her medallion comes from France.

The rosary is almost too old to use. The blackened links are still sturdy but I’m afraid of accidentally damaging them.

The prayer book is a (possible) First Communion book from 1929 and once belonged to Agnes Lehrter, who scrawled her name on top of the very first page. The book is coming apart at the seams yet it feels like an old friend in my hands. It is also pre-Vatican II. I am not fond of Vatican II so truly this book is a little treasure.

I wholeheartedly hope that I can fall asleep soon.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Your pictures treasures are so beautiful. I love old Catholic memorabelia. As my old stuff surfaces for their various hiding places, I'm gathering them up for safer keeping but easily found.