Waltzing Matilda, in pictures

6/15/08 Final days on the porch

2/29/08 Mads loved snowballs.
She would chase them, eat them,
and run about in the snow after them.

2/29/08 snow

2/20/08 Mads goofing off on Sami's pillow.

Mads takes over the couch

10/25/07 Daddy is Maddy's favorite person!

Same day - She is giving a smile

Same day - investigating

4/8/07 Easter Dinner filled her up.

11/23/07 Thanksgiving dinner is just as good!

6/28/06 Mads had a habit of blending into red things

8/8/06 Yep, she loves her daddy.

9/5/06 Car rides are cool

Loving on daddy and vice versa

Mads at the vet the first time. Notice how she blends
into the woodwork.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Such a beautiful tribute Toni. Made me tear up.

Andrew McAllister said...

Wow, what a fitting tribute to such a long-time friend. I hope you can find some peace after the loss.

Guess what? I broke down and posted a new Dismaying Story. Drop by if you get a chance.