Tomes and Tomatoes

My day can end with a healthy sense of satisfaction. Better Half and I were able to clean the bedroom yesterday and the office today. He’s asleep now, resting up for the VA tomorrow. They plan to run a sleep deprived EEG in the hopes of diagnosing his “non-episodic seizures.” I will wake him at midnight and then I will try to get some sleep myself: we leave at 5:30 AM.

One of my major achievements today was cleaning my office. I thought it would be a good idea to sort through all my books and piles of paper. My cheaply made bookcases did not weather the move well. I have two large six foot ones in addition to a small three-shelf bookcase. Half of my texts are located in my office, and perhaps a third of Better Half’s books are here. It is a weak cross-section of subjects, mostly sciences with some military history thrown in. The rest of our collection is housed quite unceremoniously in boxes in the Dungeon (AKA stinky basement.)

Our tomatoes are thriving. I snipped a half dozen from the plants. They will redden up a touch more in the refrigerator before becoming perfect for sandwiches or added to a scrambled egg. Our squash threatens to overwhelm again. I plan to hand some of the yellow squash to the neighbors. I am sorry to report that zucchini bushes are not doing well. Patty pans are holding their own. We are doing our best to keep things picked when they are young and tender. I honestly do not understand how some of my crop-growing friends manage to care for huge personal gardens. It is worth the effort, however. I have tasted the first tomato from the garden and proclaimed it good.

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AscenderRisesAbove said...

how did the eeg go? i had one of those a few months ago. hope it goes well for your hubby!
paper work is the worst!
i see that i am "out of date" on your blog roll. gulp!