Snapshots From Above

I have survived the mission (of course!) and am penciled in for one or two more tomorrow. While I can not share photographs from the mission, I can share a few personal snapshots that I took between grids. Enjoy.
This is a fuzzy snapshot captured shortly after takeoff. It does have glare from the back window, but I wasn't about to open the little bird's hatch for personal purposes.
Here are the locks as we head north. This is the Ohio River. Ohio sits on the left, West Virgina sits on the right.
This is also the Ohio River, with Ohio on the left. These bridges lead into my hometown of Steubenville. The top bridge is closed to vehicle traffic. The bottom bridge is the Market Street Bridge. For those who know the area, this bridge is a harrowing experience to drive - it is "slicky" if you travel too fast. The bank on the right hand side of this picture belongs to Weirton, WV.
Holiday people and a weirdly (and artificially or chemically coloured) lake.
This is Piper, held by our Fearless Leader, next to her namesake airplane.

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maryt/theteach said...

autrice, my you are a mysterious lady! Love your sky shots from a little plane not a big ol' 747... Have a great weekend! :)