Softly, silently  
Each flake adding to the depth  
I don’t want to drive 

~  * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~   

Some photos of dogs    
Running around in the snow    
I froze taking these     

Nutmeg the Shepherd has glove issues: the gloves go on, so snowballs should follow! Today's snow is too powdery to do anything with.

Heedless of the above facts, she leaps at powder thrown in the air.

Truffle the Pomeranian  discovered a patch of virgin snow. Sadly, she had to face-plant to get to that spot.

After some leaping, she makes it back to the trail.



The back garden.

Side drive (notice the pile between us an the neighbors).

I shoveled the deck but I'm not going to rake the roof. I don't have anything that will reach to the second story (third story from the backyard).

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