Not a Lazy Day

There are some days when you are just too exhausted to do anything. We all have them. We crash and burn like an Italian Greyhound coming down from a milkbone high.

Unfortunately, the inhabitants of Pembroke Cottage didn’t have time to be lazy this week. CAP meetings, a broken kitchen faucet, the VAMC, and the dire need to do yard work seem to have demanded most of our attention. I have yet to start my spring cleaning, I haven’t planned my garden, my cabinets all need to be purged, and I can’t decide how to best purge my favorite couch from the dining room (yes, the dining room).

We did manage to rake out our flower beds and move Schmedly the Gargoyle to his new home. The grass growth was hindered by leaves (thank goodness) so I can put off calling the gardener for at least another week.
Today was faucet day. Jeff and I spent the afternoon pulling all of the previous parts out (rusted bolts, improper seating and a lot of grunts and groans). Piper supervised and thus the job went well. It’s very nice to have both hot and cold water coming from the tap.

I can’t think of anything I need more than a good, long nap. Perhaps after we are done cooking the brisket on the BBQ, I write a few articles for the CAP newsletter, I finish the dishes, and straighten up the dining room...


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