Tchaikovsky Challenge

A composer-based photography challenge! I saw this and thought of my friend Annie.

"Composer and conductor Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky visited the United States in 1891 to conduct at Carnegie Hall’s very first opening night concert. The Russian composer loved traveling, and he found the lure of the New World—and of New York City—very exciting.

If Tchaikovsky were a guest in your town, where would you take him? Take a photo with your own cut-out Tchaikovsky and show us."

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Annie Jeffries said...

This is intriguing. So I find a pic of my old friend, Pyotr, join it up with a photo of ME and take him on a walk about in Turlock?

TMTW said...

I wish I had him with me today. haha.

You should take Pyotr on a tour.