Bemused Muse - the One-Year Anniversary

This is the one-year anniversary of the Bemused Muse blog. My primary posts were lackluster mush. My intent was to open up a public exchange of ideas regarding the schism between science and religion (my first entry was a discussion forum in relation to the Big Bang Theory.) Unsurprisingly, it was a flop.

April and May saw the genesis of my blogging my immediate world.

What I have discovered is that I have built a small time capsule of memories. I was never a Diary Person. I found that keeping those damned things required more effort on my part than I was willing to give. Blogging, hover, allows me to combine my fancy for technology with my love of writing (it is a meditative process for me) and the Bemused Muse became a chronicle of events that strike my fancy.

Do I blog for others? Although I do design blogs for others and trouble shoot for them, the Bemused Muse is nothing more than my whims for the day. I blog for myself and for family across the miles. I do it for the hell of it and let the devil take those who do not agree.

Having said that, I am not a “controversial blogger”. I could care less about spouting my political views, doctrinal views, or social views with the sole purpose of attracting readership.

The Bemused Muse may evolve in the future or it may continue just as it is. I am pleased, no matter the outcome.

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Annie Jeffries said...

I have my one year coming up in March. Amazing how much has changed in my life since starting this and yet how the same things have remained. Congrats!!! on your blogiversary, Toni.

alphawoman said...

And I am pleased to have found your jnl! Happy A. Your Hubs is a cutie.