Blue Twig Encased in Winter Ice Phase

This is my Valentine's Day "Blue Twig Encased in Winter Ice" phase. Steubenville, OH, received a healthy coating of winter white over the last 24 hours.

The snow is absolutely stunning, despite the amount of danger on the roadways. Our trees are encased in ice, literally. I wish I could capture sound bites for you, dear Readers, for the crystalline tinkling as the branches groan under their heavy load is rather musical on the ears.

We have not lost any branches yet, although our mail box was frozen shut. I have already advised Better Half that he will not be attending his PT today; his legs are not worth the risk of tickets or accidents.

I shall attempt to keep you updated as the day progresses.

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Roadchick said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Autrice!

Stay warm!