Happy Easter and (belated) Passover greetings

Happy Easter and Passover greetings to my dear Readers.

Better Half and I made a lovely day of it. I kept myself busy with Eastertide services and then spent the afternoon and evening relaxing with my housespouse.

“Oh my God, Aut, you’re Christian?” Will wonders never cease?

I bought a bouquet of flowers for Better Half after the Easter Vigil last night, which can be seen in the entry below this. This graced our table alongside carved eggs from our Ukraine exchange student, Vlad (who has since returned to his country and is enrolled in a University in Kiev.)

The lamb turned out perfectly, as did our freshly sautéed green beans and shallots, and the rice pilaf. We selected an inexpensive yet tasty merlot for our table wine and toasted each other.

I am fairly depleted mentally so I will include some photographs with brief captions instead of descriptive paragraphs.

The cross and fountain at Easter Vigil.


The table, simple and hearty.

We always serve premium fresh dog at Easter.

Only joking! He was hovering around awaiting a morsel of lamb.

If you look closely, you can see the swirling snow outside the window

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