Sunday Scribblings # 56 - Rooted

Roots ~

The word immediately brings to mind gardening in the springtime. It is a luxury that eluded me in Colorado due to the high summer temperatures and constant drought conditions.

Better Half and I relocated to Ohio two years ago, where my family has roots. The child of Italian immigrants, my mother was born and raised in Steubenville; we still have one of her sisters and several cousins living here. My mother left the state to live in both Arizona and California before eventually moving to New York City in order to pursue a successful theatrical career (where she met my father.) They in turn eventually relocated to California and later Colorado.

My roots began in California, although my spirit always wished I could travel back in time to the place of our “American origin.” I took holiday in Steubenville on summer as a youngster, returned here for my Nonna’s funeral, and later visited for a wedding. I fell in love with the area.

The wholesome hometown attitude, lush woodlands and fresh air have nourished us. We can not return to the times of yore to revisit history but we can permit ourselves to grow into the future. We have taken root since our transplant, and we are thriving.
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JHS said...

What a lovely blog you have! And your post is interesting to me because I have a good friend in Steubenville. I've never been there, but would love to visit her. I understand what you mean about being nourished by the small town feel, but it is also a double-edge sword for me.

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gautami tripathy said...

Nurture it. You would soon be firmly rooted..:D

Annie Jeffries said...

You wrap up the history of this place so beautifully. It is gratifying to see your mom's story come full circle through your choices.