Another July Update

Happy glorious Sunday to all of you awake enough to see the morning light.

I am quite awake, having suffered through a bout of insomnia last night due to spasms along my spine hence I am somewhat “out of it” mentally.

Our weekend has been lovely. Better Half and I took in the new Harry Potter movie (he hated it and I have mixed feelings regarding the whole thing) and we have spent most of our time basking in the glory of our front porch. My dianthus is in dire need of some tending; our mid-summer clematis is thriving. Surely we have never had the pleasure of appreciating our own private park (i.e. the lush front yard) prior to our move to Ohio. The summer squash behind the house is producing copious amounts of knobby little edibles, which Better Half and I turned into a squash parmesan yesterday.

Mum’s birthday was Friday and her package arrived on time. She and Dad are progressing with their plans to relocate out here in a year’s time. They have taken their budget into consideration as well. Mum feels she will be quite content in a small apartment rather than a large house and has conceded to handing her antiques into our care (I hope her visits to our house will be to see us rather than to see her furniture. Ha ha.)

I am endeavoring to wake my mind up enough in order to drive to mass in a half an hour – and praying desperately that I can stay awake during the homily. This is not the first time that I have gone sans sleep but I am quickly discovering that, as I grow older, remaining awake and competent throughout the day is becoming more of a challenge. Gone are the twenties and my ability to function for forty-eight hours straight.

“Ain’t life a bitch?” No, life is indeed life. How we live it determines how we reflect upon it. I choose to see it as nothing more than a contest of wills between myself and some higher power. The higher power surely will win, and thus I must do my best to go with the flow and not remain too stubborn to appreciate the wonderful events thrown my way.

I require more coffee. Please, hook the IV to my arm and allow me to begin my day.

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