The start of the Holidays, 2007

I am filled with a certain dread: the holidays are upon us and my home is not ready. Ten years ago, it would have been completely festooned the day after Thanksgiving. This is 2007 and I finally got around to putting up some garland today.

Better Half hauled up the Box of Indoor Garland this evening and I busied myself with hanging everything to perfection. The boughs must drape in just the right manner. The ribbon and beads must crimp and flow precisely so many inches per arch. The lights must spread evenly throughout the swag with no bunching or dark spots. I am either anal retentive or bipolar/OCD!

2 responded with...:

Annie Jeffries said...

Or BOTH!!! LOL. Toni, your home is looking beautiful.

Roadchick said...

Please come do mine. I seem to have misplaced my holiday spirit - there is nothing vaguely holiday-like up at Chez Roadtrip.