Truffle is Home

I am home!

After several days at the veterinarian, you wouldn’t believe that I was the same dog. I am feisty and curious (and famished.)

We are pleased to have Truffle back at home with us. She battled her way through the blitz of parvo and kept her chin up; a very indomitable dog. The Good Doctor vaccinated the other dogs today (bringing them all in at the same time was an adventure in itself.) Truffle is on medications and de-wormer (tapeworm.)

The pet place covered every last penny of her bill. We are tremendously satisfied with their level of customer service. My heart worries about the other exposed pups but they have a very good chance given the dedication of the business owner.

Truffle had a “first” today: she made her way up the concrete steps in the back yard. She is feisty and her determined attitude is most likely what brought about her triumph over this illness. She is also a bit demanding (especially where food is concerned) but she will be quite a lady after a little bit of training.

Thank you to all my dear Readers who kept us in prayer and best wishes these past few days. You made this challenge easier via your compassion.

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Roadchick said...

I'm so glad!


Annie Jeffries said...

yeah, little pouch. Now, Toni, say indominable dog, three times in a row FAST. tee-hhe