Summer 2008

Fall is officially here (I needn’t state the obvious.) This is the time of year where I get ready for the holidays. Better Half and I are cleaning our downstairs carpets, washing down the woodwork and wiping down walls. The décor becomes more simplified in order to make room for the knickknacks that will mutate from fall into winter, encompassing Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We are behind schedule.

It seems that we had a very mellow summer. We did not achieve some of our goals, such as stripping and painting the back deck. There is much to do in the back yard; the gardens need to be bedded down for winter, odd bits of trash require policing and the summer fixtures will be placed in their protective boxes.

I will be sorry to see my beautiful summer flowers disappear. I will have to mulch my beds out front, being careful to avoid any toad holes that I stumble across. The fountain will be brought to the garage and I shall tuck my hanging lantern into a corner for yet another year. Cushions must be washed, the porch swept and clematis clipped back. We will have leaves to rake, fall and Christmas decorations to place, and another few months were the car remains unwashed.

I leave you with memories of Summer 2008.

Goodbye Maddy. Not a single day has gone by that I have not thought of you and mourned your passing.

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Roadchick said...

I so admire people that can landscape a yard and make it beautiful. I can decorate inside because I can "see" how it will turn out. Outside? Not so much.

TMTW said...

I stick things in the ground and hope that they grow. Sometimes I even pay attention to the suggested plant height.

If you look at the picture "from above" (looking down into the fountain) you'll see some beautiful dark ferns on the left. These can't be seen from any view except the porch. Those were one of my "duh" moments.

Roadchick said...

It's kind of cool to have a "hidden" garden though. I have a japanese lantern that can only be seen from the porch.