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I have a blog. (Hello blog.)

It isn’t that I forgot that I have a blog; it’s that I have been too busy to actually do anything with my blog.

Have you ever had a comfy friend, one who makes all the aches and pains seem to go away? Have you ever accidentally-not-on-purpose neglected that friend? So it is with my blog.

I’ve neglected other blogs as well, such as my other blog. I’ve also neglected Annie’s blog, ‘Chick’s blog, David’s blog and a host of other comfy web logs. I’ll show up on their doorstep like a wayward neighbor holding an apple pie. (Store bought, of course, as I haven’t time to actually bake a pie.)

Life goes on. Better Half and I are returning to Pittsburgh for some more tests. We really should pay them rent considering the amount of time we spend there. Better Half is having a (as he puts it) “stick something down my nose and into my throat motility study things with the thing staying there until the next day I hope I don’t gag or pull it out because I hate these” tests. He’ll survive. He always does.

Ox survived the November 4th elections (he was called in as an added measure in case of “problems”. The only problem he had was a lovely rash from his body armor vest.)

My Ohio Aunt isn’t doing too well. She has fought off five different cancers since 1994 but this newest one seems to be kicking her ass. She had treatment last Monday and it was rough going. Yesterday, she began to swell again. My Missouri Aunt was the head nurse in ICU and other departments (I think other departments) at a reputable hospital. She is retired now, and flew in to assist with my Ohio Aunt. The Missouri Aunt is incredible when it comes to medical knowledge. She really should have been a doctor.

We are all worried sick about my Ohio Aunt.

My mother is still my mother, and doing her thing in Colorado. I have a few more chapters remaining (on her book, which I am editing, and a fine job I make of it, can’t you tell by this terrible sentence? I did that on purpose. Haha.)

My father is still working his ass off. I wish they would chuck it all in and move here.

I have my Thanksgiving shopping to do today before we leave for Pittsburgh. I’m pleased to say that my garland is hung. We’ll put the tree up on Thanksgiving. I’ll use up today and tomorrow to scour down the bathroom really well.

Do you see how unexciting my life is? I really have nothing to report.

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Roadchick said...

I'm here for my pie.

I, too, apparently neglect my blog and figured I'd better come here for the pie, lest you think no one was home.

Have a great holiday!