Recommendation: Distilling Thoughts

Distilling Thoughts

You must visit here. I do not usually add "must" to my recommendations but I earnestly mean it in this case. Totomai's photography is magnificent. It is not often that I discover a blog that moves me with its pictures alone.

I love photography. I suck at it. It's my camera. It isn't meant for quality work but rather for happy photographs of family, friends, pets and scenes. When I stumble across a photographer's blog (with pictures that remind me of snapshots that usually grace the covers and pages of National Geographic, Time or other renowned magazines) my bottom lip quivers and I think to myself, "damn, I wish I were him!"

Go, visit, be amazed!

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Annie Jeffries said...

some beautiful photos here, Toni. BUT, was that guy with his back turned peeing???

totomai said...

hey, thanks for the recommendation :-)

@annie, lol, i deleted the pic.

TMTW said...

You're welcome. Beautiful work!