Final Photographs of CO; Return Home!

I have returned home, and am thrilled that the house is still standing. Better Half did a spectacular job, all kidding aside this past week. He cleaned the house (to be fair, it was a “man clean”, which means there are hidden pockets of dust behind some objects) and my kitchen was sparkling.

I have some deep-seated anger management issues with my family out here. They have been playing the usual games, however I did think that they would have at the very least called Better Half to see how he was doing while I was away. Better Half spent ten days sans human contact (with the exception of the telephone with me), and had a raging bout of the flu. The poor man not only held down the fort (which includes taking care of the dogs and transspecies cat), but also performed our daily routines while suffering from a relentless cough and congestion. We took him up to the VA Clinic yesterday; he is now on antibiotics and a decongestant.

My shock and revulsion over their behaviour has been brewing for quite some time. This is the “final straw”; they are hereby dead to me. I can endure people taking issue with me, but I have never tolerated people treating my husband poorly.

On a new upbeat note, I do have a few pictures stored in the digital camera. The first two are of Pikes Peak, as seen from Mum’s porch in the early morning. The following two were taken while driving to mass on Sunday morning with Dad.

I took a quick tour of Peterson AFB on Sunday. The C-130 was parked on the flight line. The Canadian F-101 (Voodoo) was set in static display near the airplane museum on base. The final picture of this grouping is the building that houses Joint Intelligence Operations (US and CA).

This final grouping of photographs was taken on my last day in Colorado. Dad is blissfully researching the traffic cams to estimate our travel time to DIA. I crept into the office and Mum captured us on film. The third is Mum and I in her dining room. She was pleased that we caught a few of her oil paintings on film.

It is refreshing to be home. We have to take down our Christmas décor (Catholics keep everything on display until after January 6) and reorganize our home.

The television will be relocated to our downstairs living room, as we do not have enough company to justify keeping it out of sight. It once rested in a horrid 1980’s era wall unit, and that monstrosity will have to go back to our living room. I would like to purchase a more up-to-date piece eventually.

My office will be converted back into an OFFICE, rather than a “family room” to better foster a creative environment in which I can write. I do miss my sizeable vintage desk but I shall make do with whatever we can find in a second-hand store.

The New Year is starting out well!

Mum Update: she had her post-operative check this afternoon; everything is healing well.

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