Saturday Update

Saturday update:

Mum is still doing well. She is sore around her navel incision site, and feeling very fatigued. We have allowed her to nap for most of the day.

Dad and I went to the commissary this afternoon and picked up groceries for the week. It is just as noisy and crowded as before. We stopped for take-out Chinese on the way home.

Better Half is holding down the fort in Ohio. I miss my husband! I wrote him a quick email just now.

There really is nothing more to report today. Mum will stay home tomorrow; Dad is lector and we will attend the 9 AM mass. I will visit Michael and Doug (our old friends who own The Spice of Life; a lovely couple) on Monday.

I apologize for the scatter-brained entry today. I am simply exhausted! My pain level is hitting a "9". The blurry snapshot is of Dad and myself in the kitchen. (I do not normally wear make-up; Monday will be the exception as I want to look absolutely fabulous!)

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