My New Year's Morning

Ah, the breakfast of champions. I happily sit in the Irish Pub that is located in the beautiful sprawl of the Pittsburgh International airport. It is my favorite of all airport restaurants, and not simple due to their lax policy on smoking. No where have I found a better deal on a hearty hamburger or traditional Irish fare, although today I have opted to feast upon a cinnamon raison bagel with cream cheese.

I have an affectionate spot in my heart for this airport. It is one of the few terminals where one is not acutely aware of the pressing crush of humanity. Wide breezeways provide gay avenues to stroll down, and the myriad of shops and restaurants keeps the traveler quite entertained (thought at this early hour of 6 AM, few businesses are open.) Pittsburgh is one airport where one does not waste away once they journey past the security checkpoints.

My check-in was quite effortless today, as there were no long lines. I was able to select my seat, and anticipate basking in the surplus leg room. I am not afraid to fly; it is an adventure. Indeed, my only lament is being trapped next to a virgin passenger (one who has never flown), or perhaps being shackled with a gregarious businessman or granny. Dear Readers, you know that I am not a Morning Person.

I must pause to knock back some coffee and a Vicodin. I typed that with good intention; my bottle is stowed in my checked bag. Shit. Migraine and back pain aside, I shall persevere.

My thoughts roam back to the Airport outside the Irish Pub, and I am ticked to say they have a T. rex on display near the escalators. I will endeavor to take a picture upon my return from Colorado; it would be intriguing to see which cast it is. There is also a simply charming advertisement for the local Greyhound Rescue (Better Half, I promise to return home sans a new Fur Child) and a shadowbox display in honor of Mr. Rogers. Local talent, dear Readers.

Smoke if you got them, Autrice. I must try harder to pollute my lungs prior to boarding. Alas, poor Autrice! She must resort to matches, having made a 20 yard pass with her Cherished Lighter across the security line; Better Half makes for a good receiver. I failed to remember to tuck it into my bra (ladies, please remember this handy ploy – should they “wand” you, it will register as an “under wire”.)

I am quite pensive this morning. My mind dwells partially on my packing list (as I always overlook at least one Very Important Thing.) I also amused myself by recalling TFMM’s words the other day: “how do you sit with your legs closed? I tried it on the plane, and my muscles were aching.” My response was, of course, “I don’t know. I don’t sit like that.” I attempted it just now, and somewhere in Canada a man is rolling over in his sleep with sore legs.

Better Half has just called to inform me as to his safe arrival at home. Thank God. My family out here in Ohio was “too busy” to shuttle me out. I have determined that I will surely write them off upon my return. We had several cousins visiting from out of town, and I have a plethora of cousins living in the area, yet not one of the group was able to provide me transport last week in order to pick up my Vue from the dealership in Robinson. Aah have ahlways relied on the kindness of strangers.

Oh Autrice, stop with the southern thing. LOL

I am not a morning person, do recall! I swore off mornings when I was deemed Too Facetious To Be Allowed. Truly I am an obnoxious person before 1 PM. All my friends (unfortunately) are also Afternoon People. I would love to call someone and prattle on for an hour. Better Half has retreated back to the toasty cocoon of our bed sheets, or I would surely bother him. TTFM and Spouse are probably recovering from a fabulous New Year’s Party (I am absolutely dying to hear all about it, given that my night ended at 8 PM last night.) Ox and Spider are out of country and thus out of cell range. Figgy works until 3 AM, and she refuses to participate in any social matter until at least 3 PM.

Ta for now. I must prepare to board. Happy New Year to you all!

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Annie Jeffries said...

You are absolutely right about PIT being a good airport to hang at once beyond security. Good shops, wide walkways, and good eats. I think I and MY better half had breakfast at that pub you mentioned. Good eats and lots of smoking going on. cough cough. LOL