Better Half's Birthday Gift

Happy Birthday to Better Half!
We traveled up to Robinson today for our oil check (the intermediary oil light was “on”) and left with a new Vue. This was not planned, however it is the perfect birthday gift for Better Half (who turned 44 today.)

I have been salivating over the new models that have come out over the past few years. The 2007 Vue is no exception. Although it no longer comes equipped with the Selectrack (Saturn no longer produces it) we were able to test drive a lovely moss green 6-cylinder. We also tested a dark blue Vue hybrid: the fuel efficiency is an amiable option but I enjoy torque in my vehicles.

Our Blue Vue provided wonderful trade-in value and we actually came out $500 ahead of the game. This was applied towards the new payments for the 2007, upping our normal monthly payout by $100 or so (once you figure in the GAP insurance, stain guard, and extended warranty/customer care plan.)

The Green Vue (aptly named Precious, as it is a birthday present) handles superbly. I thoroughly enjoyed the CD/radio control’s location upon the steering wheel, and the cruise control functions smoothly. The green is a soothing shade that not only soothing on the eye, but also matches the environment around us.

We are rather animistic by nature and too often attribute emotions or character into inanimate objects. I could not help but feel a pang of guilt upon removing our possessions from the Blue Vue. I snapped one final photograph of the vehicle that has provided us much safety and pleasure over the years. The new SUV cast a shadow over Blue Vue, an element I did not notice when I took the picture. Somehow it seemed both fitting and poignant.

Good bye, Blue Vue. You were a fabulous vehicle!

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