A Frosty March Morning in Steubenville

We awoke to another frigid morning. I waited until the sun was casting the first tender rays of light before I seized my camera and ventured to the back deck to snap a few photos.

This would be an ideal day for home made soup (had we groceries) and lounging with a book (if I did not have so many damn things to do around the house!) Alas for us; we shall spend the day (hopefully) getting tasks done.

I am delighted to say the last traces of Christmas have been tucked away in the basement. Yes, dear Readers, Christmas. I am that far behind on general duties around here. I am aspiring to clean the downstairs today (in preparation for the Big Spring Clean next week.) Only time shall tell.

In the mean time:
Parsi in NY says roads don’t look pretty.
Mg in Lancaster PA reports no school today, and heavy snow.
Ox and Spider report no school, moderate snow, and plenty of road closings in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

No one else in his or her right mind is actually awake at the moment, so I have no idea how much havoc the snow caused elsewhere. I would imagine TFMM got a heavy blanketing up in Canada.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Clear with slight overcase in the Central Valley of California. Jacket/sweater optional. You know, Toni, I've never been able to figure out (or maybe it's remember) what TFMM means.