Oil of Olay Regenerist

An excerpt from an email to a dear friend:

"I did discover that daily facials make my skin look better. I ran the whole gambit of expensive products only to discover that I have allergies to them. My mother, bless her heart, told me to suck up my pride and use her Oil of Olay. I scoffed. She insisted, and added an Italian guilt trip (“What I use is not good enough for my daughter?”) I relented. No allergic reaction. I am suitably impressed with the brand’s newest products, which are designed to compete with high-end brands. Laugh and mock all you want, OoO has earned a place on my bathroom countertop as the only products that have not caused me to break out in blistering hives."

In all seriousness, I do highly recommend the new Oil of Olay Regenerist product line. I am rather impressed at how well the product Thermal Polishing Creme works, and the accompanying lotions and gels perform exactly as the manufacturer claims.

The products run the whole gambit: cleansing cloths and soaps to "finishing touches" (pre-makeup) application. They have eye creams, wrinkle creams, tough-spot creams - all designed to preserve our youthful qualities (anti-aging) while stripping away the years of abuse we have done to ourselves. (As an ex-tanning goddess, I can tell you that my enhanced aging has diminished greatly.)

To all you cosmetic snobs out there (especially those with manly skin): don't diss it until you actually try it!

For product information, I suggest you stop by their official web site: Regenerist Home

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Annie Jeffries said...

Au, you have no idea how many times I have lingered over these particular products wondering if I should try them. Your report encourages me to take a chance. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

I had the most terrible allergic reaction from the 14 day intervention, could not work for 5 days, saw 3 Dr's and when I wrote to Olay through their website 3 times did not even answer me!!

Anonymous said...

I'm allergic to this product too! I get red-purplish blister like bumps on my cheek bones immediately after use.