A Slow Friday

There are a few indications that fall weather has finally arrived. One need not step outside or switch over to the weather channel on television. One need only look around our house.

The first indication is the appearance of our breath in mist form (as Better Half always waits until icicles take shape on his moustache before switching the AC to heat.) As it so happens, Better Half switched over to the furnace an hour ago. Will wonders never cease?

The second indication would be the flocking of animals to our bed at night. No, dear Readers, Better Half does not perform a Tarzan shout to draw them in. They simply come. Five dogs and two cats will inexplicably creep from the snowy banks surrounding our bed and make themselves quite at home on top of the comforter (or under it.) It is one thing to wake up in the early morning sunlight and see your husband smiling at you. It is quite another to roll over and see a greyhound smiling at you.

My body rejoices as the furnace air surrounds my skin. My muscles and joints are loosening up and my hands and ears no longer sting. I love cold weather but my body has little tolerance for it.

I am still taking the Chantix (Varenicline) tablets. The results are impressive. It does in fact do as advertised and my cravings have been cut down to soft nicotine fits once every so often. The medication is not a nicotine substitute – one simply finds that they quit “cold turkey” after a week. You forget to smoke. Granted, I did finish off my last pack of cigarettes two days ago (ten days into the program) but that pack lasted me a week and I would not have bothered had they not been in the house.

My “everyday” eyeglasses frames have broken and I am barely tolerating my “dressy” frames. They are heavier and, although they look good, wearing them throughout the day leaves an impression on my nose.

Really, it is slow around here and I haven’t much else to report (that I would want public.)

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