TV Wars, IV

If there is one exasperating thing in my life, it is that the idiot box is currently located in my office. I have tried to get Better Half to see the light concerning this disruptive device. This morning was no exception.

Ideally, the idiot box would be situated in the living room. Although I loath the idea of having my living room “trashed” by daily living, it would be worth the hassle of daily cleaning if only to grant me the ability to work in my office sans any distractions.

I have been outlining my novel for some time now and thought I would sit down and scrape out a rough draft of the first chapter. Better Half awoke whilst I was taking a break, plunked himself down in the room, and proceeded to scan the “free movies” selections being offered on Comcast digital today. He would, of course, pick the hokiest 1960’s comedy western (replete with asinine mouth-harp twang music and a squeaky-voiced female lead) and persist in watching it. Needless to say, I found it more than distracting.

I did voice my objection, which met with momentous resistance and a snide “Mornings are my time on the computer” remark. By this time, I am completely out of my writing mindset and I can not focus on the emotional elements that I am trying to convey in the first chapter. (I have turned to blogging my frustration instead.) I am pissed, frankly.

Pissed: synonymous with livid, fuming, irate, incensed, furious, more irate than a bag of rabid cats.

It shall pass. I know that he didn't do it on purpose.

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