Hello World!

It has been quite some time since my last sincere post. I will not bore you with the details, darlings (as if anyone actually still reads my blog, no thanks to my continuous prolonged absences.)

I am delighted to report that we did manage to get our outside decorating completed. The Grapes of Wrath are now adorned with their fall leaves, the back deck is now clear of all furniture and various bits (we did not have much of an opportunity to utilize it last season.) The downstairs living room and dining room have been set up, miscellaneous furnishings are now in the garage, and I am ready for the holidays.

Better Half tends to take a lazy route when I am not up to speed. This usually manifests in his apparent inability to actually groom himself. I have been living with a mad science project – a botched cloning attempt to merge Grizzly Adams and Attila the Hun, mixed with a smattering of cactus and wire terrier cells. I put my foot down today and hauled him into the bathroom, whereupon I plucked the caterpillar on his forehead, tackled the wispy thinning remnants of his hair, and shaved his face.

I have always enjoyed shaving Better Half. It was one of our rituals when we were first married. I have also suspected that, had I not made the endeavor all these years, I would now be trapped in wedlock with a human beard. Not a well groomed beard, mind you, but rather a thatch of facial hair resembling a dying juniper.

Regardless, the Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club meeting is tonight and it is important that Better Half appear human. I would rather people see him as his ex-Navy SEAL self rather than as a bum looking for the soup kitchen. He appears ten years younger when he is truly groomed.

We heard the most pleasant news this weekend: Better Half’s father might fly out for Christmas. We are optimistically thrilled at the prospect. I have wanted Dad to visit for Christmas for years and it would be absolutely fabulous to have him celebrate with us this year. We are already planning a holiday menu, replete with either goose or duck and a variety of treats from the Market District in Pittsburgh.

My parents are well. I miss them terribly and would give anything to have them also visit for Christmas but I know that a visit would not be feasible, as my father does not have much in the way of vacation time. They could always fly up but I do not think that my mother would consent to boarding her Maltese. However, a large part of my heart would dearly love this “gift” more than any material things that they could ship me.

I began my prescription for Chantix on Sunday. It states that I will loose the urge to smoke after four days (we shall see) but that I should plan on quitting seven days after the start of the medication. I have had no adverse reactions to the pill but I have found that I am able to go longer between cigarettes (which is an accomplishment as I am a brutal chain-smoker.)

I’m hoping to catch up with AnnieElf and RoadChick this week via their blogs. I did speak to TFMM last night; hearing his voice always cheers me up. It is quite melodious and I appreciate his intelligence.

It is nearly time for the meeting and I have some work to finish up. Thank you to all who have sent emails and stayed in touch.

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Annie Jeffries said...

I sweetie. Saw the pix you sent. Love them and your SHOES. Very cool. Good luck on your efforts to stop smoking. Don successful broke the habit about 15 years ago. His health improved dramatically so hang in there.

Annie Jeffries said...

and that would be HI! sweetie, not I sweetie. Damn I hate it when I do that.

Roadchick said...

Lawd above, you haven't missed a thing in Roadchick's world.

She's boring, in a slump, and a slacker.

Glad to see you're back though!!!

And if you say you've finished your Christmas shopping, the 'chick will gather a posse and come after you.