Bedroom (almost) Completed

At last, the room is completed. Somewhat - not including new outlets and light switches which desperately need to be replaced, nor the carpet that I would love to tear up in order to showcase the bare hardwood floor.

This odyssey began with a pattern.

It evolved into an obsession. I had not thought it possible to complete the room but by change we happened upon the perfect shade of paint at Home Depot (which was on sale for $5 due to a “miss tint”.)

It was worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears.

It is not the most spectacular bedroom ever but it is ours and I find great comfort in how the sunlight bursts into gem patterns upon the walls. The gentle movement of the drapes delights me and my nose revels in the perfume from the flowering tree outside my window. I become lost in the luxurious silkiness of my new sheets. I meditate and discover tranquility. (We hate the carpet.)

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