An inspiring blog and a journey in pictures

I chanced upon the most extraordinary blog, Julie Zickefoose. I found myself inspired to write more eloquently of the things that bring me so much joy – nature, our beautiful wild birds and the seasons.

Alas, I am a procrastinator.

I spent the day working in our front yard without a picture to show for it; I shall post some tomorrow. I am constantly amazed by the transformation of our yard each spring. Better Half and I add to it each year, filling in the nooks and crannies with plants or rocks. We are by no means professional gardeners. Everything we do is trial and error.

Better Half crawled out of the bedroom window (a ladder won’t work in our sloping yard) and placed our “Sun, Moon and Stars” copper hanging between the two upstairs windows. We moved some of our accessories about the yard and regulated one of the shepherd’s hooks to hanging lantern duty. We planted our purpleleafed plum bushes, my leftover Easter lily, some ground cover, and a hydrangea bush. The azalea was transplanted from front yard to back. This has been the year of transplants – I did not have to purchase a single hosta or daylily!

Every last inch of bed now contains fresh mulch. We used up the old bags of soil. The porch is festooned with summer garlands (yes, Dad, we still have out the Grapes of Wrath.)

The zucchini and yellow squash has been planted in the back yard. My tomatoes appear to have grown at least an inch since they were planted.

Needless to say, my body aches. A nice hot bath is indicated and perhaps a bit of port, as the air is cool tonight.

This is the realty snapshot of the house from early spring 2005.

Our handiwork, April 2006.

Late May 2007, we added a small bed towards the street.

The bed is expanded, 2008. I will have pictures of the newest changes tomorrow, weather permitting.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Toni, I've been exploring your recent posts and love that I have been able to see how the exterior of your house has changed and grown. It's amazing how quickly our environment can change when we put our minds to it. Hummmm, note to self, Annie - get moving.