Rainy Musings and Robin Song

We have a lovely spring rain watering our garden today. I awoke to the soft pitter-patter of earthbound droplets cascading from leaf to leaf on the trees outside my bedroom window. Vehicles created a soft, wet roar as their tires sloshed through the rivulets streaming down our steep hill; we haven’t curbs or gutters near Pembroke Cottage.

Birds have been treating me to their glorious song despite the wet weather. We have mimicked a natural habitat for them and cater to their needs with water and seed stations year 'round.

Most notable is the American Robin, which delights in filling the air with as much noise as possible in its bid to appease its natural drives. Robin song is soothing. (That is an active link to the song recorded at Cornell Lab of Ornithology, should you wish to hear what I am hearing.) This is the first year that we do not have a pair nesting on our porch, the back patio or the back deck. I am relieved, as robins are messy thrushes.

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Annie Jeffries said...

I very much like the angle of the window, Toni. I tried to hear the Robin song for the download at the link would not cooperate. Oh well.