Mid Month Thoughts

We’ve had a fairly quiet month. Last Monday was Columbus Day. It was also Thanksgiving in Canada and I thought it would be amusing to celebrate a foreign holiday; my health kept me from getting the game hens stuffed and into the roaster. Suffice to say, we celebrated a day later.

My motivation stems from Better Half’s desire to break away from the norm this holiday season; rabbit would look lovely on the Thanksgiving sideboard. I have always celebrated the feast with ample portions of giblet stuffing, hence the game hens. My friends seemed amused by my ardent efforts to make this year’s Canadian Thanksgiving special.

I couldn’t type that last sentence without cracking a grin. “Any excuse to celebrate a holiday, Autrice!” How true. Catholics celebrate the Christmas season through January 6th – Greek Orthodox consider this Christmas Day. Hallelujah! Rejoice that we have found another reason to have the full-scale Christmas dinner!

The hens turned out perfectly, the zucchini was delightful and my giblet stuffing, as always, achieved perfection. The entire house carried the Thanksgiving scent (a day late.)

The typical American Thanksgiving is rather asinine, in my humble opinion. The television blares football, the children (crammed into clothes they only wear for holidays) fight, the adults pretend to get along and fight. Granted, not all Thanksgivings are like this. My family did get along, I wore my dress clothes to important occasions or to mass and my father did not care for football. (We would watch the parade in the early morning.) Our guests were always part of the family. No one quarreled. This is not a romanticized childhood on my part; this is how holidays are with us. Perhaps it’s the European upbringing?

I digress.

Better Half and I have set out our holiday decorations. I love Halloween. No, we haven’t any cheesy cobwebs cluttering our porch. We have garlands of leaves festooning our front door and porch rails as well as intertwining on our staircase inside. Festive (yet tasteful) autumn hues brighten our living room and dining room. We do pass out candy – Steubenville doesn’t have much in Halloween balls, galas, parties or even gatherings.

We have The Tinker’s Café running at long last. Our audience is very small however we receiving more joy in doing the broadcasts than we do in seeing anyone there. Our topic this week is extremists in the United States (fundie groups such as Westboro Baptist, etc.) We’ll have to do a little clarification prior to the actual show. Many people do not understand that a fundamental "fill in the blank" is not the same as an extremist. A fundie can be a fanatic Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Republican, Democrat, Pro-Life or Pro-Choice person, gay or lesbian, environmentalist, etc. I think we’ll focus mainly upon religious extremists and their affect on society.

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