A Look at Family History (Italian)

My Nonna (grandmother) came to this country when she was six. She settled in Steubenville, where she met my Tatone (grandfather), who was also an immigrant.

A very long time ago, my Nonna gave my Mum a picture of herself. It was a postcard depicting her as a child. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, postcards were a popular format for communicating with family abroad. A photographer could be rather costly so, when one came to town, people eagerly paid to have their picture taken. These pictures were then reproduced onto postcard stock. (I have several from the Steubenville area, including one of our Country Club.)

My Mum was wondering if I had that postcard handy. It was for a personal reason that I scrounged around for it and located it tucked into a closet. I had taken it down from our family wall due to my aunt complaining that the women in the picture were not family. They are.

The picture above is my Nonna and her grandmother (my great great Grandmother) in Italy. My Mum could not recall her name. My Nonna, Lily (Gualtiere) Mininni, was born to Teresa (unknown maiden name) Gualtiere. Teresa is this woman’s daughter-in-law. Some more pictures are below.

My Mum held by her Nonna,
downtown Steubenville 1936

Mum's dog, Prim

Mum, classmates and their nun,
May Crowing Day

My Tatone Frank Mininni with my Mum
outside of their home on Spring Ave,
Mum's First Communion (?)

Nonna, my Mum and (I think)
my Aunt Helen

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