Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. | Dreams and Change, Part II

Who is the our greatest enemy? Is it people of other ethnic backgrounds? Is it the government? I believe it is us. We can't get ahead in life if we don't take control of where we are now, no matter our race. We can't blame anyone but our own self for how we approach life. Circumstances may not be favorable, but we determine if our life is bitter or sweet.

Perhaps Aaron McGruder, creator of the comic strip (and television series) Boondocks, says it best. His premise is that King did not die that fateful day but slipped into a coma only to awake thirty years later to a world where his dream was reality yet was also squandered away.

The episode that pissed off far too many people; it points out things that are overlooked in favor of "me!" and "I am entitled!" I don't agree with McGruder on many of his political opinions however I applaud him for stepping up and expressing those opinions despite the negative (if not bitterly angry) attention that they sometimes garner.

I will warn you: this Boondocks episode (Return on the King) might offend you. I've included it here after much soul-searching. One of my online acquaintances has spoken the same message for years. She preaches it on the streets and in the youth centers. It takes strength to stand up to popular beliefs and say, "Enough! This is not what men fought and died for in the bitter streets."

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