Winter Snow and Ice

I thought I would capture some early morning pictures. Unfortunately I tripped over my Nemesis and almost landed on the concrete porch. The wrought iron couch was a better choice (not.) He wiggled his nose at me, hopped over and actually had the audacity to paw my shoe. Begging bastard. I gave him some carrots anyway.

We had rain this morning. The neighbors are attempting to clear their driveways and walkways. Better Half is sitting on the couch. Granted, he doesn’t feel well but I recall the ice last year: we will have a devil of a time getting out of our driveway and I will spend a few days in agony because the ice causes my feet to slide, which in turn puts pressure on my ankles. I will then have a manic moment and take my frustrations out on the entire driveway, all for want of solid ground to stand on.

The snow does not look deep but you are looking at solid layers of ice and not fluffy white stuff.

Frozen dusty miller
Dog path on deck
Front yard
Front of house
Clothes line

More photos can be found at:
The Bemused Muse: Winter Snow and Ice (Part II)

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