Colorado - a Sunday

Mum might come home tomorrow. We’re pleased as well as apprehensive. To clarify: I am apprehensive; her body has not reset its gastric clock.

Dad cleaned up the yard while I scoured a bathroom. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. We needed to go shopping, and we had to make dinner. This cut a chunk out of my cleaning time. We then went to the hospital because the nurses and CNA’s would not “walk” Mum. They had taken her around the hall by the time that we arrived.

Tonight was a quick clean. I will scour the kitchen tomorrow. I intend to also do the television room, as it bears the scars of Mum’s nicotine habit. (I am a former smoker so I do know how difficult it is to quit. Mum spent fourteen days sans cigarettes without even so much as one withdrawal pang. She can make the effort to not smoke at home – we hope.)

Dad and I decided on steaks for dinner (with plenty left over for tomorrow.) He hasn’t grilled outdoors in two years. Wasps made themselves at home in his BBQ grill a season or two ago. The nest was abandoned and a good scouring took care of any dust. (I was secretly hoping to torch some bugs.)

It is almost 11 PM in Colorado. I’ve drained the last of my energy reserves. I’ll leave you with a few pictures from today.


Alas, poor Wasps, we knew you well.

Scrub, scrub, scrub.

The garden angel.
Her wings lay on the ground next to her.
She is a forlorn looking thing.

Colorado Blue Spruce

More Spruce

The fountain that we cobbled together today.

Another view.

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