My week (in brief)

I wanted to jot down the fuzzy noise inside my head regarding the past seven days.

My aunt passed away (after a prolonged illness) and her funeral was on Saturday. Lovely affair, lots of good people and a funeral procession to envy. The mortuary did a fabulous job on her.

Better Half spent his Sunday in the hospital. We brought him to the ER on Thursday and they opted to keep him the weekend in order to get him in for a TEE today. The TEE did not happen today, ergo Better Half returns home (and my sanity returns); he’s on the schedule for this Wednesday. We’re hoping to rule out pulmonary hypertension.

It is a horrid photograph and makes him look worse off than he really is.

My mother will have “urgent” (should be “emergency”) surgery next Monday. This gives me what is left of this week to sort the house, sort the husband and sort the life. I was hoping to get my Nonna’s little white footstool/bench from my Aunt’s basement (it’s next to the dresser, if any of the family bothers to read this.) I was also hoping to be allowed to pick through the things no one wants (such as my Nonna’s old pictures and her bedroom set AND hope chest.) I wouldn’t turn down an old couch either as we really currently have a terrible one.

I won’t blog much in Colorado. (Perhaps I will if I have too much time on my hands.) I’m apprehensive about the future (static noise in my mind) and totally stressed out.

I shall survive. I haven’t any choice and I’ve reached the point where the stress is laughable.

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