Air Force Academy Stadium with Dad

I've decided to quit my day job. Now that I'm not working, will you please let me out? I don't even like football!

The idiot in the window is your very own Autrice. I'm sans makeup (do I even have any?) and sporting my nifty "get ready in under 10 minutes" hairdo.

I tagged along with Dad today. He pulled a service call at the Air Force Academy football stadium. I never stay out of mischief, of course. I accept full responsibility for my penchant for getting into trouble. I had to check out the press box.

I wonder if the non-working media is escorted away. We are an Obamanation now. The needs of the unemployed outweigh the needs of the rest. Perhaps the now-defunct Denver Post would like to appeal to the AFA for free tickets?

The views were spectacular, both of Pikes Peak and of the stadium and field itself.

Dad finished up his project...

... under the watchful eye of this military K-9 Belgium Malinois. He was exquisite. I first caught sight of him as I crossed the second floor lobby; twin ears sliced upward and deep brown eyes peered at me as he tracked my progress. (The dog, not Dad.)

He loves his Kong.

It was a lovely morning with my Dad. He explained the complexity of the sound system and relays; it was like going back in time and visiting my younger self, sitting beside Dad and listening as he taught me during our weekends at Hannon and Paramount.

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