Glen Eyrie with Dad

Can you stand one more tourist entry? This one has a picture of sheep.

Technically these entries don't qualify as "touristocratic" as they are my old haunts. Dad and I stopped by here on our way home from Garden of the Gods.

Glen Eyrie. The name means "Valley of the Eagle's Nest". Glen Eyrie castle was built by General Palmer, founder of Colorado Springs. You can discover the fascinating history at

I want to wrap up these posts; this is a quick tour of the areas that we were able to visit.

The bookshop, relocated to the Carriage House, had some sweet treasured tucked away.

Spring arrives at the Carriage House

An ancient gate

You can take a video tour from this room. The Carriage House housed the horses and carriages. The floors are still rough stone interlaced with iron grates that once drained away horse urine and water. The interior is freshly painted and everything looks romantic and crisp. What a delightful find!

The castle proper was closed to visitors; there are weekend retreats in session.

Better Half and I love this castle and grounds. We shared High Tea here, Revels and Mads, and a passion for his heritage.

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