Back East Ohio Snow | Day One

It is the kind of winter where clear and snowless days are a rarity to be marveled at. The most recent round of snow rolled in hours ago and every last thing outside my windows has been obscured by heavy silver and blue drapery carelessly tossed to the ground by an irresponsible giantess cloth monger.

The conquering flakes have invaded as swiftly and silently as a mythical army; even the tree branches bows towards the earth in humble protest of their combined weight. It is a siege and we are the hapless townsfolk.


Captured images of my Weather Channel desktop.


Nutmeg is far too big to be bothered by the light stuff. She runs into trouble around 10:30 PM, when the snow becomes think and difficult to transverse.

These views are important. The first is a glimpse out of the bathroom window. It is the beginning of the siege.

The freshly shoveled driveway

The same view, two hours later.

The snow is almost too deep for the small dogs. They bound around in it, looking like fuzzy snow weasels. Truffle, the Pomeranian, collect snow balls on her underside. She does not like them removed - she saves them for later, and snacks on them as they melt. Piper, the Chihuahua mix, loves the cold.

The bird feeder, groaning under the weight.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Wow,Au. This snow is awesome. We've had the same in rain but things just look shiny and reflective. Very blah and temporary as one seige dries whilst the other sets to begin.

Pasta Recipes said...

Appreciate your blogg post