Prompt Writes: love

A simple drop in a still pond,

unfurling ripples in satin slips

scattering water bugs

and bringing disorder to what was so orderly prior.

This drop,

this sudden onslaught,

welcomed and cherished, ripples ever onward.

I stop.
I consider.
I remember a time before,

way back before,

when it was only water bugs and stillness.

This drop you brought,

tender in its path but often disturbing of the surface -

joyful drop,
painful drop,
heavenly drop,
comforting drop,
adventurous drop.

I watch the pattern unfold.
My heart is glad.

2 responded with...: said...

I love the ideas you're playing around with here. Love disrupts. Love causes ripples, and yet, you're glad for it. Thanks for sharing!

By the way, today's prompt is posted. It's 'hiding'. Hope it inspires you as well.

Andrew McAllister said...

I love the picture! Hope all is well with you and yours!
All the best, Andrew