Living Room Update

I haven't had time to blog. I barely had time to take photographs this week (and I won't have time to sort the pictures and post them.)

The new furniture arrived this week. It's very comfortable, fills the living room, and creates a cozy atmosphere. I finished painting the walls in the nick of time. Sadly, my flash turns the wall color into a strange pea-green haze.

We've had our fill of snow. It's still snowing. It will continue to snow into next week. We are willing to sell our snow to BC, if they would be so kind as to come pick it up. The Olympics desperately needs it.

I'm much too tired to post an in-depth blog entry. Here are some pictures for the family:

Painting like mad on Superbowl Sunday.
It's wet and rather Kermit the Frog in colour.

The furniture goes in.
(Note the dog toy. Truffle wanted to help decorate.)


The flash has turned the carpet pink and the walls a different shade.

This is much darker, but truer to the actual shade.

Yes, the shades are dark. I love colour. I hate bland. The living room is a deep olive. The hall is a complimentary golden tan. The dining is a stern red. The kitchen is horrid, with apple wallpaper and tacky bead board - we will eventually remedy that. The ceiling is bright white in all the rooms. I have picked a softer off-white colour that will tie things together more smoothly. Of course, I'm in no position to work on ceilings at this point.

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Roadchick said...

It actually looks like the color of my dining room - Olive Tree from Lowe's. Lovely color.