2010 Year-End Meme

The objective of this meme is to reflect back upon the year. Flip through your blog and look at the very first entry for each month. Take the first sentence from that entry. Cluster them into a single post (as seen below) and tag other friends so that they might do the same.

10 Jan 2010
This beautiful tree haunted the winter landscape this morning.  

3 Feb 2010
Smelts: sweet and succulent Osmeridae that gaily don their egg-and-flour bathing suits before easing into a Jacuzzi of hot oil; in the hands of a Greek or Southern person, they are utterly orgasmic to the palate.

14 July 2010
I haven’t bothered to write in a while. 

17 Aug 2010
One more for the back porch collection: Lesser Angle-winged Katydid - Microcentrum retinerve.

6 Dec 2010
Winter’s first true snows have blanketed the yards in our neighborhood. 

~ Fin ~

My 2009 Year-End Meme was slightly better (although not by much.) The absence of posts is a direct reflection of the hardships we endured in 2010. It was a year where we desperately needed the physically comforting touch of family but made do with long-distance phone chats.

My outlook for 2011 is much brighter.

For fun: 2008 Year-End Meme [AnnieElf started it!]

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