Snow whirls lithely beyond the window panes. The robust odor of Stracotto di Manzo permeates the house. An empty bottle of Reggiano Lambrusco litters my coffee table; I swirl sweet, still-effervescent remnants in my glass.

But enough of that.

Our Christmas was serene. We attended St. Stephen’s last night followed by dinner at a lovely restaurant across the river. We awoke to falling snow - an actual white Christmas, oh my!

The rest of the day was merrily spent cooking. My parents are in Colorado so we thought that we would “share” the meal by sharing the same main dish recipe. The roast beef turned out perfectly.

Our evening finished with a nap for Better Half and a movie starring Dwayne Johnson for me. I’m on the downslope of a carb high. Life is good.

Truffle and Piper

White Christmas

 Stracotto di Manzo

Nutmeg would rather not wear the ribbon

French doors into living room

A view from the kitchen

I'm really too tired to organize any pictures. Does it show?

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Annie Jeffries said...

I'm up for this as usual. I'll be doing this tomorrow. I think it will be the third year I've done the year in review. I love doing this.