Early Winter Thoughts

Winter’s first true snows have blanketed the yards in our neighborhood. Soft piles gently tuck withered mums and hostas in for a long nap as the ice incased twigs and branches overhead sing a tinkling lullaby. A parade of large flakes marches diagonally beyond my parlor windows, a lovely visual contrast to the warm red and green hues emanating from the room itself.

My holiday garlands are hanging as testament to the energy I had prior to Thanksgiving. The verve faded a week ago, no thanks to a bad bout of bronchitis, and my tree stands naked in the corner. I should make some effort to dust it. There are many other things that need attention.  I hope that the antibiotics kick in soon.

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Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Autrice,

There is something so melancholy about this post, no doubt due to the bronchitis. I think the between holidays slump has also hit. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Add a dash of four birthday for my family mixed in with all of this, and I can totally relate to what you are feeling.

But the world around you sounds to beautiful, as you portray it. Gently tucked mums and hostas has such a warm, comforting feel to it.

It was so good to see you here. It's been quite a while. And yes, I am hoping the antibiotics kick in soon too.


TMTW said...

Dear Annie,

The world is filled with beauty but (for me) it takes forcefully ripping every last bit of commercialism from my life. I start on Oct 1 and denude things until Jan 6.

I've been very bad about blogging. It's a shame. So many wonderful things have happened in life and I selfishly chose to not record them. I really need to get back into the therapeutic habit. I've kept up with your blog, though, and greatly enjoy it!

Love to you,