Phipps Trip

I don't have the energy to properly journal anything but I did upload photographs from yesterday: Phipps Conservatory.  Blogger fought me during uploads. I'll try to upload the missing pictures later.

Phipps Conservatory (complex in background) as seen from the VAMC parking garage

Bonsai Collection

Bonsai in flower

Closeup of flower

This was donated from a private collection. It is one of the oldest on exhibit in this room.

Orchids are tucked into every nook...

 ... magnificent on display.

Very tastefully aranged

I found these glowing along the trail

These kept modern art company beside a tiny koi pond

Whimsy meats stately

The butterfly room is a winding tropical path

This would be a perfect place to sit and read a book

Vibrant clusters

Red puffs (this one was plucked by gravity and discarded on a bench)

Yellow pollen with vibrant red comet tails

 Marble carving

"Laughing" bird of paradise


Roly poly strikes a pose


Phipps has art tucked throughout their exhibit rooms. 
This beautiful statue bids visitors farewell at the end of their tour

The conservatory against a winter sky

We were behind a railroad vehicle on our way to the Ft Pitt Tunnel. This Chevy lowers small wheels that are directly behind the rear wheels (and directly in front of the front ones) and are designed to run on the railroad tracks. You can see the rear ones under the back bumper. 

Nutmeg was very pleased when we came home and fed her.

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Annie Jeffries said...

What a beautiful place, Autrice. The orchids are especially beautiful and seeing a Bird of Paradise always makes me think of my mother.

jerusalem hostel said...

Wow :) What a beautiful place. The place seems to be incredible for visiting. I would love to go there and enjoy scene beauty...